Z Dobrego Domu Magdy FCI

"Dogs is only being in the world who loves you more than himself"

                    /J. Billings/

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Z Dobrego Domu Magdy FCI

- Border Collie kennel

Animals have always been present in my life. From an early age, since I can remember, there have always been dogs in my house. I can't imagine my life without them. Establishing the "Z Dobrego Domu Magdy" kennel was a dream come true. Fortunately, my husband Piotr and our daughters Julia and Zuzia share my passion.

Our kennel was created with love to dogs and the Border Collie breed. We run a domestic kennel, not a "factory". Our animals are surrounded by love and respect. All our animals, (we also have two cats) live with us at home. They are treated as family members.

We are an active family, it's difficult to find us at home in front of TV. We are happy to go on trips by car, on foot and by bike. We love forest and water, so we often travel to different places. That’s why our dogs have an opportunity to be in various situations. Well-behaved dogs do not really limit the implementation of various plans - with our four-legged friends we sometimes sleep in tents and hotels, travel by camper, visit restaurants. Of course, dogs accompany us not only during holidays, sometimes we even take them with us to work. Due to their friendly and endearing nature, Border Collies are welcome almost everywhere and cause extremely positive reactions. They have never embarrassed us! After all, they are "Z Dobrego Domu Magdy -From Magda's Good Home".

Dog shows, which we often go to and where we achieve numerous successes, we treat as an opportunity to meet friends and enthusiasts of the breed. Prizes and medals are a pleasure, but they are not the most important thing!

And since we're talking about shows - the most common questions we hear from people who came to the show interested in buying a puppy of our beloved breed, are whether the Border Collie requires so much movement and whether it has a built-in „ADHD." We can also hear what we have done to make our dogs so calm :) It all depends on upbringing! From the earliest weeks of the puppies, we try to socialize and raise them so that they have a built-in "on / off switch". Our dogs know very well when it's time to play and when to rest. For boundaries, physical exertion is as important as intellectual challenges. My husband and I have full-time jobs, my daughters go to school and the dogs stay at home. They have never destroyed the house.

Yes, dogs of this breed are prone to ADHD, but whether it becomes a problem, depends primarily on how they were raised.

We place great importance to the selection of homes for puppies from our kennel. We can't imagine selling a dog to someone we haven't met yet and who, until we are won't be convinced, will provide him with a good home. Our dogs are "from a good home" and we want them to come to good homes. So we make new friends because Border Collie connects people :)